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Canvas paintings are really a nice one for walls, everyone should try this, can changed the look of walls completely, can be hanged everywhere in home and office, much lighter and easier to hang on walls and on wooden surfaces, canvas paintings can be removed from any surface very easily without leaving any damaged or mark on surface. Canvas painting is also known as wall art in art lowers.

The painted canvas is very expensive to buy from the market, that's why we have offered printed canvas paintings to our customers which looks more attractive and accurate when we compare them with painted canvas. always tries to produce HD high quality printed canvas at a very low price to customers. is one of the pioneer in online printed canvas selling company in India, set high standards of quality in printed canvas, you can buy paintings from us online in India and worldwide. We always value customer satisfaction. Everyone can buy canvas paintings from us at affordable prices, also offering a great variety of canvas printed paintings like a stretched canvas, canvas panels, canvas rolls, gallery wrapped canvas, double panel, triple panel, kids canvas.

We have a huge variety of finest artworks, you can choose your desired canvas painting from our exclusive collection of modern art, lord paintings like Buddha, Ganesha, Radha Krishna, nature, landscapes, floral, wildlife, Rajasthani paintings, paintings of famous artists etc. We are offering you paintings for the living room, bedroom and for your office, paintings of lords are looking very nice in pooja rooms.

Several designs of oil paintings are offered by us at an affordable price, brushstroke oil paintings are offered by us, we print them with UV colors which are more shiny and attractive, oil paintings that we have print are also UV coated, it will increase the life of oil painting.

You can decorate your child’s room with canvas art like cartoon characters, animal art, superheroes. We are offering single and four-panel canvas paintings for your kids.

Assurance of quality and durability is guaranteed from Always try to use the finest quality materials and try to make canvas paintings more affordable to our customers. Every canvas is printed with the highest resolution, using UV and fade resistant rubberized Latex Ink lasting up to 75 years in the printing of these canvases. The latest technology ensures HD, sharp, clear printing every time. bright and white canvas cloth is used by us for HD and vibrant print quality. Canvas cloth used by us is of HP, 3M, Desmat or of any other quality manufacturer, good quality canvas cloth will enhance the quality of canvas art.

You can buy canvas online for your friends and as a gift to your loved ones, we can ship it directly to the desired address. This wonderful gift can become an excellent addition to the interior of your friend's home. This is a wonderful gift for art lovers who wants to decorate his home with marvelous paintings like canvas art. You can gift canvas painting on several occasions like birthday, anniversary etc.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Painting

Stretched and gallery wrap canvas is bit expensive because of frame work, we have used high-quality wooden frame in our canvas paintings, these frames are lightweight and easy to install on walls, UV inks are used in the printing of these canvases which makes print washable, attractive, long-lasting and durable.

Rolled Canvas Painting

We are offering canvas paintings in roll format, shipping of rolled canvas is very easy and cost-effective, the customer has to pay fewer courier charges, we can hang rolled canvas with the help of pins very easily. If you want to hang it like a gallery wrapped canvas, find any skilled carpenter and asked him to make a lightweight frame for you. There are so many videos uploaded on youtube which can help you and carpenter to make a perfect frame for perfect paintings.

Personalized Canvas Painting offers you personalized and customized canvases, that was designed by you and supervised by us. You can pic a family photograph or any image in a minimum resolution of 1200 x 1200 or make a collage through an app or with the help of a graphic designer. Just upload it on, we can print it exclusively for you at affordable price.

Canvas Painting

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