DT830D Digital Multimeter With LCD Display & Continuity Check Function

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DT830D Digital Multimeter
Quick Overview
  • It is capable of measuring voltage, current, resistance, transistor, diode, and has a signal generator function.
  • The multimeter is a small and compact design, comfortable to handle
  • It is made of superior, durable and practical material
  • It used as a general measurement tool and widely used in the school, laboratory, factory, and other social fields
  • 3 1/2 Digital LCD display, maximum display 1999
  • Low battery indication. Overload Protection (0.5A/250V fuse, 10A no fuse).
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The DT830D Digital Multimeter is a basic tool, which anyone with average intelligence would be capable of using. This is not an auto-ranging meter, and therefore you will have to select the correct ranges for voltage and current measurements. 

This is one of those meters where you will need to think first to determine what you are measuring. Are you measuring voltage, or current? Is it AC or DC? In which range do you expect this?



  • Model Number: DT830D Digital Multimeter
  • DC Voltage Measuring Range: 200mV-1000V, Accuracy Level: ±(1.0%+2dgt)
  • AC Voltage Measuring Range: 200V-750V, Accuracy Level: ±(2.0%+10dgt)
  • DC Current Measuring Range: 200μA-200mA, Accuracy Level: ±(1.5%+2dgt)
  • Resistance Measuring Range: 200Ω-2000KΩ, Accuracy Level: ±(1.2%+2dgt)
  • Check Diode (including LED), type of Transistor such as NPN/PNP check, hFE (configurations) features too
  • Product Size: 12.5×6.8×2.4 cm
  • Product Weight: 200gm
  • Power Supply: 9V 6F22 battery


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